McLaren’s is committed to excellence in:

1. Respect for clients – : We will treat clients and coaches with the same degree of respect we would desire for ourselves, respect privacy, choose appropriate language, will not harass or intimidate, address clients by their preferred name and designation and communicate clearly.

2. Client confidentiality – : We will not share clients personal information with anyone, except as require by law for the function of law enforcement or order of a court, will not misuse electronic mail, will not discuss clients personal pursuits or educational interest.

3. Continuing Education – : We will continually strive for excellence in our profession by attending as many educational workshops and courses available, which will help us to advance and improve in our skills and knowledge to best serve our client needs.

4. Non- Discrimination – : We will treat every person with fairness and respect without regard to race, sex, creed, mental capacity or religious affiliation.

5. Honesty – : We will perform all services in truthfulness, via spoken words or written communications, will not cheat, plagiarize or otherwise distribute dishonest publication, will maintain accurate, honest records of clients and all business activities.

6. Avoiding Conflicts of Interest – : We will not accept gifts which are meant to encourage us to steer clients to another facility which is not standard procedure, will not accept “kickback” for referrals, will not participate in MLM product distribution, without first informing clients, so long as such product or services is beneficial, will resolve conflicts of interest in favor of all clients.

7. Informed Consent – : All clients will be asked to sign our consent forms to ensure that they understand that they have a right to a professional service and also to give them the opportunity to participate in their educational pursuits as it relates to their health and wellbeing.

8. Insurance-: A vision for the future.

Professional Ethics is relative to Management and Coaches of Vitelife, Inc. without exception, and must be adhered to or otherwise be addressed as the law requires.